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Freelance creative writing jobs you can always try

Freelance writing is a great way to earn an income or to make some money on the side. The best part of it is that you can earn this through the comfort of your own home. Many people are able to establish a better work life balance than other jobs and freelance writing truly gives you freedom to go anywhere you want due to it being a location independent endeavor.


Many creators look for a competent write to write their e-books for them. Many of them are factual books providing, however a large portion of them are also non-fictional and depend on the creativity of the writer.

You can try your hand at an e-book that is, for example, a romance novel. The good thing about e-book freelance writing is the fact that the jobs usually pay out well and are pretty lengthy so can keep you occupied to hone your creative guile. There are also e-book written under many different genres, so you can attempt to write one for a genre you enjoy reading.

Blog Posting

Many owners of websites and blogs look for guests to write posts for their sites. Guest blog posting is an excellent way to get your foot through the door in the freelance writing world.

To ensure that you produce a high quality blog post, you should attempt to write one in a subject or topic that your are very passionate about and pursue in your spare time. The wealth of knowledge you have accumulated will be very helpful in the composition of your post. The best aspect of dabbling into blog posting is the fact that if the blog owner is impressed, you will receive a lot of regular work from them.

Article Writing

Although most of the time you will be creating informative writing in this area, there is still a chance for you to unleash your creativity doing article writing. Article writing for major publications can rake in serious cash for freelancers. The best way to pursue article writing is to carefully research about the topic you are writing about.

As you can see, there are many avenues you can take in creative freelance writing. We highly recommend that you sign up to a freelance writing marketplace and start sending out proposals for jobs that sound interesting to you.