Being an efficient freelance writer means knowing your strengths and weaknesses
and how to make them work for you.

Six Tips

on Effectively Writing Good Freelance Must Know

A good freelancer will...

know how to find lucrative writing jobs, know how to pitch to clients, how to market themselves and know what clients need when producing quality copy. These aspects all take time to develop, but when you have a plan in place to help you do so in moderation, you can begin to see changes taking your freelance writing career in a positive direction. Here are 6 tips to consider in becoming an effective freelance writer.

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Keep In Mind That

Know the audience you are writing for.

You can produce great copy for readers to engage in. But you need to know who you are writing for to establish purpose behind the work. Understanding your reading audience is important. This helps you establish a following. You know what content to include and how to write it (style and voice). If you are not able to identify your audience your content will not keep someone’s attention for long.

Read and write daily to keep your skills sharp.

Keep your skills sharp with active writing daily. This includes researching niches you want to expand to. You can complete short writing assignments, write poetry or keep a journal with daily thoughts. Writing often helps keep you busy and helps you focus on the purpose of writing. You may even come up with ideas for articles or how to pitch content to an editor.

Know the ins and outs ...

of the industry or genre you want to write for. Research background details about freelancing and related opportunities. This not only gives insight on what to write about, you can stay current with issues and concerns. You may want to write about things people should be aware of. You can find article content to rewrite as a form of a writing exercise. This is a good way to keep yourself interesting in reading regularly without getting bored.

Find a place...

your work is welcome (and you can call home). When you provide written content for a reading audience you need to know where it will be received with appreciation. You can start with your own blog and branch out to other sites offering similar advice. There are sites that will feature content by freelancer writers. This can be unique way to break into a niche.

Keep looking for ways to improve your writing skills

(seminars, workshops, online courses, writing conferences, etc.).

When you learn about ways to improve your skills and invest in yourself, tell others about it or share your experience. For some writers it can help improve writing skills. For others it may encourage self-confidence. Even though we are in competition against one another we can still help each other because we each have needs, talents and goals that vary. When others are successful in this business it encourages those who think they don’t have a chance.

Have a smart list of resources to refer to as a freelance writer. Be smart about what you use to refer to as a freelance writer. There are unique detailed sources for writers available on and offline. You can look in bookstores and libraries for writing advice books. A few of these items are great investments as they provide advice and tips you can use all year round. This can include networking with other writers and sites to stay in contact with fellow freelancers and job opportunities.